a gif set that perfectly shows what will happen if you try to cater your creative works to please SJWs 

Dat commentary 


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Today’s Nintendo Direct was an adventure



"Seems like you enjoyed listening to the concert. (name), you like music?"
"If you’re interested, I own dozens of records, so you can come over to my place sometime and we can make a date of it."
"And since it’s a house date, as lovers we can make other things too.
……Like what? You’ll have to come over and find out for yourself.”

- Klaus (music festival lover dialogue, Harvest Moon Connect)

I wonder what this line will be replaced with once it gets Natume-fied.

If this is what all the games are like in Japanese

then I’m learning to read hiragana and katakana.

Well, there’s always some things here and there that are edited/changed/removed in the English version, but this line is so blatant it was out of the ordinary for all languages (which is why I posted it). Klaus says some other things which are mmhmmhmhm, but most characters don’t seem to be like that. The text quality is way better overall in Japanese though.

My best guess for the Natsume version, if ANB is any indicator:
"(name), looking at you`re fun listening. Do you like you like music?"
"If you like let`s go, on a date litsening to records, at my house."


Cromartie High is my favorite cute girls doing cute things show


Cromartie High is my favorite cute girls doing cute things show

I’m just gonna bullshit it.
my life motto for the past 20 years (via beyleesis)